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Veganism and Racialized Knowledge: New Manuscript in Need of Review

I am working on an academic manuscript and am looking for people who would be interested in reading through it and giving me constructive feedback; this will most likely end up being my dissertation or a separate project that I will seek to have published anyway. I’m specifically looking for people who have training in critical race studies, critical whiteness studies, and/or black feminist theory with a cultural geography focus. My manuscript, about 140 pages long, is coming out of the discipline of cultural geography, so I have to make sure that I’m providing a spatial lens to my analysis of the intersections of veganism, racialization, and critical food studies. If you would like to help me with this, please email me at breezeharper (at) gmail (dot) com. The abstract of the work in progress is below. Please understand that it is a DRAFT and in very early stages.



I will explore how race, racism, and racialization manifest through vegan praxis (vegan food, animal rights oriented veganism, vegan non-food items)  within white settler/white dominated nations (primarily USA). Specifically, I will explore the manifestations of racialized consciousness and racialized socio-spatial epistemologies through the mechanism of vegan consumption praxis. These goals will be achieved by utilizing: Dr. Arnold Farr’s philosophy of racialized consciousness; Dr. Charles Mills’ theory of white ignorance; Frantz Fanon and Dr. Joy Leary’s psychoanalysis of colonialism, slavery, racism and trauma, on the collective black consciousness; Rámon Grosfoguel’s concept of modernity/coloniality in ; Dwyer and Jones III white socio-spatial epistemologies; Katherine McKittrick’s black socio-spatial epistemologies, and Patricia Hill Collins’ and bell hooks’ black feminist analytical lens. Chapter topics to be  explored will be (1) the perception of eurocentric ethics as “universal” and “pure” at PAWS talk at Princeton University in 2007; (2) White socio-spatial privilege and Ingrid Newkirk’s “Get Over It” comment( in regards to the 2005 black responses to the PETA Animal Liberation Project); (3) Vegans of Color and racialized meaning of “exotic” vegan food; (4) how certain vegan products are constructed as “cruelty-free” despite having ingredients that are harvested through a non-white racialized human exploited labor force ; (5) Skinny Bitch: Bun in the Oven and white privileged perceptions of over-eating/junk food eating problems and fatness; (6) employment of a bell hooks analytical lens to the intersections of vegan praxis, adjudicated youths of color, and anti-Prison Industrial Complex activism through nutritional liberation; and (7) The racialized-sexualized “black female” experience, mapping non-white socio-spatial vegan epistemologies, and the Sistah Vegan Project as a site of oppositional space

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