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Veganism Beyond the white mid-class grammar: Language of the hip hop generation and Supanova Slom

In this video I explore the work of African American vegan, anti-corporate kitchen, hip hop conscious, holistic health activist Supa Nova Slom. He is focused on addressing hip hop generation of black and brown folk. I think that his work is great for this demographic, but I also feel strongly that it is necessary for the plethora of white middle class able-bodied ‘post-racial’ vegans who send me messages or come up to me after I give a lecture, claiming that black and brown people aren’t interested in veganism, animal liberation, or holistic health activism. Usually, I let them know, “They most likely aren’t interested in YOUR white middle class framing of ‘the problem’; this is separate from them ‘not being interested in veganism, animal liberation, or holistic health activism.'” So, what this means to me is: if YOU don’t understand that than it is YOU who is the potential barrier, not necessarily US BLACK AND BROWN FOLK. I also have added Supernova Slom’s video “Sugar Crack” from his latest album.

  1. Book: The Remedy by Supa Nova Slom

  2. MP3 Album: Wholistic Wellness for the Hip Hop Generation (January 2011) by Supa Nova Slom

  3. Music CD: The Remedy by Supa Nova Slom

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